Our Coffee

Roasted On-Site Daily

Our coffee starts its journey in giant burlap bags of green beans from all over the world. From there, it makes its way to our 12 kilo Probat roaster that lives right in the middle of the dining room. It’s worth a visit just to see it in action. Beans are roasted daily across the roast level spectrum from light to dark depending upon origin. We currently have a head roaster who is responsible for every coffee bean we sell at the store, online, and through our wholesale partners.

Our Coffee Selection

We source our green coffee primarily through Interamerican Coffee,(http://interamericancoffee.com) an importer established in 1983. Through our relationship with Interamerican, we are able to access specialty grade coffees from all growing regions of the world. This includes organic and fair trade coffees, assuring both top quality and the knowledge that we are providing fair compensation to growers at origin. In addition, we have forged a direct trade relationship with KonaRoma Farm, a 5 acre family owned coffee growing estate on the big island of Hawaii. KonaRoma is the single origin for our Kona coffee offering. (http://konaromafarms.com)

The Cold Brew Process: On Tap at Pie

Pie in the Sky Cold Brew is brewed from a custom blend of specialty grade coffees from Africa and Central America. Like all Pie’s coffees, they are roasted in small batches in house, blended, then coarsely ground and steeped for 18 hours in refrigeration. The finished brew is then decanted into kegs and infused with nitrogen until being served fresh via Pie’s beverage tap system. The entire process results in a delicious iced coffee beverage low in acidity and smooth in flavor.